Leaves everywhere

Leaves everywhere

I’ve just returned from London.  I was down yesterday for a business meeting, and from leaving home at 5.15am yesterday morning until returning earlier this afternoon I was completely unaware of the leaves.  However, now I’m back I can’t help but notice them, and I have a dilemma.  Should I sit and enjoy looking out the window at them, or should I start the unending process of trying to tidy them from the garden?  And if I do the latter, will I simply start a ritual which will go on for some days as I guess there are thousands of leaves just waiting to fall over the next couple of weeks.

Beautiful while on the trees, and even for the first few days on the ground but eventually I know they’ll end up a soggy mess if I ignore them! So for today I’m choosing to look and enjoy – tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll start a leaf clearing campaign!
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