A few less leaves

The new toy

Two days ago I was watching the leaves from within, today I decided it was time to have a go with my new toy.  The conclusion I reached by the end of my two hour stint in the garden is that an awful lot of leaves go to make up a tree – and I’m sure there are as many still to fall as I managed to lift today.

However, I also managed to give the grass at the back a final cut and as always our friendly little robin was scampering around nearby taking every opportunity to grab various insects that were being disturbed by my activity.
Gardening has something therapeutic about it.  Perhaps its just being in touch with creation, taking time to observe what’s happening, noticing the detail of plants, flowers, and yes, even weeds!  But it’s also something of an unfinished task – since by the time I looked out at tea-time a fair few leaves had fallen to replace the ones I’d tidied up!
Still – that will give me another excuse to have a long lunch break and play with my outdoor hoover. 
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