A beautiful autumn morning

Floating leaves

Well, there’s no doubt a lot of leaves have fallen.  Many from this chestnut tree will have fallen into the Bronie Burn and who knows where they will have gone.

We’re still raking, blowing and generally keeping the lawns tidy.
But this morning, after a frosty start, the sun was warm in a clear sky and despite it being the last day of October it was warm enough to sit out in a sheltered spot at the front and enjoy a bacon roll!!
I have been known to put on a warm fleece and enjoy a starry hot chocolate at night, but I have to say I really enjoyed getting out this morning.  There’s something delightful about enjoying an activity you thought would have to wait until spring.  And apart from enjoying the beauty of the trees, we watched many skene of geese fly over making quite a racket, and amazing us with their systematic team effort!  My brother was reminding me this afternoon of Mary Oliver’s lovely poem, Wild Geese.  Go find a copy and enjoy!
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