Winter came quickly!

Snowbound but cosy

Winter came quickly earlier this week, earlier than anyone was expecting!  Whether you love snow for its endless possibilities for fun and play, or hate it as it makes journeys challenging and sometimes simply plain dangerous, there is a point at which you just accept it and make adjustments.

It’s interesting how that ever so important meeting just has to be cancelled, that trip to the supermarket turns into a walk to the local shop, that 20 minute journey becomes a two hour crawl…
But if you’re on holiday the options and decisions are maybe more enjoyable.  Will I sit and read my book for another couple of hours, or will I go out for a walk all the better to enjoy my hot chocolate when I return?
Whatever your attitude to snow… find some time today to enjoy that book and drink some hot chocolate.  Monday morning will arrive soon enough and then the snow may not be such fun!  And be thankful… your legs are probably longer than our cairn terrier, Scamp, who is finding having six inch legs a bit of a challenge!
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