Birds in the snow

Blue Tit in the snow

This photograph was taken recently by my son.  One of the joys of the last couple of weeks of snow has been watching the activity of the various birds in the garden.  Perhaps it’s because of the white backdrop or because I’ve been sympathising with them trying to find food when there’s a dense covering of snow between them and dinner – but I’ve certainly noticed them more.

Sometimes as I’ve looked out the window I’ve hardly seen any of them, and at other times the garden has been alight with movement as they have darted around the conifers seeking the seeds and berries to maintain them through the cold weather.

At least for the time being there is respite with the snow all but gone and a few days of milder weather.  It’s funny how a few days above freezing suddenly feels like milder weather!!  So tuck in little birds because if the forecast is correct we’ll be looking at more snow by the end of the week.

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