Winter skies

Blue sky winter

Hello all readers.  I hope you have had  a wonderful Christmas and have been warm, and have had good times with family and friends.

The last two weeks have been predominated by all the snow, and the freezing temperatures, keeping us all busy with clearing driveways and removing ice from steps and paths.  However, if you didn’t have to go anywhere, it was magical Christmas weather for the children – or the child-like!  Was that really a 32 year old man I saw in crutches and plaster making a snow angel in the grass on Boxing Day???!
The weather is now back to a respectable 7 degrees, and it feels almost mild!  The birds are once again able to find grass and by definition worms for tea.  We’ve had great fun watching them on the feeders as they have consumed inordinate bags of sunflower seeds, and as the blue tits perched upside down on the icicles to get a drink.  There’s no doubt this weather has made us all a bit more creative in an attempt to stay warm and well fed.
And the shortest day is now passed…. so hoping spring is not too far away!
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