Red Squirrels at Aviemore

Not much snow here!

Our family have a week in a timeshare here in Aviemore during the first week of February.  We’ve seen it where the snow was being measured in feet rather than inches, but this year the snow is staying on the mountains. This means the squirrels on the trees which surround the chalets are much harder to see as you don’t get to track them from the snow falling off the trees… but if you’re patient, it usually pays off and you get to watch their acrobatics at quite close quarters.  However, capturing them on the camera is quite another matter! And these are not just any squirrels, but red squirrels – usually looking well fed from stealing the bird food from around the chalets.   But what charming little fellows they are – but clearly as you can see prefer to run up the side of the tree away from the camera.

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