Slow – snail crossing!

Slow – crossing!

Spotted this little fellow crossing the gravel in our garden whilst I was out trying out a new lens for my camera.  This was a lens my son had replaced but was only working on manual focus.

This picture reminds me of a number of lessons which I’ll share with you:

The snail knows the valuable lesson that if it achieves small steps consistently in the same direction, it will get where it wants to go.  I could learn from this snail as I am someone that once I get the bit between my teetch it has to happen…. NOW!  I get impatient with slowness whether that’s in others or indeed myself!

The other thing that struck me is that it takes everything it needs for the journey with it.  So no travelling to and from a place of work (or fun), just put the house on the back and off we go.  That’s perhaps why circular walks are much more appealing to me than linear walks which require me to come back the way I’ve already gone.

What does this picture teach you?

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