Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

I love the sea in all its moods.  I find it fascinating that it can be tranquil and smooth on the one hand, and then on the other it can be a cauldron of navy terror. I guess I also love the sea from the land!  I have often been on a Ferry going either to Tiree, Colonsay, the Western Isles or even France and have been the person sitting outside regardless of the weather – as my stomache finds the rythm of the sea unacceptable!

I’m always amazed that people can not only sit upright under deck, but can actually eat Fish and Chips while doing so.  One one memorable journey my daughter and I lay on deck with our Blankets over us to keep off the rain checking in with each other at regular intervals whilst the rest of the family were downstairs tucking into a healthy meal.

Regardless of that, I love the sea and can think of nothing better to do in a morning than to jump in the car and take the short journey to Balmedie Beach where I can simply wander and watch it in all its moods.

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