New Year, new growth, new memories to make

054I was walking up the garden path yesterday and was surprised to see a couple of the plants on the south side of the house in flower.  It always surprises me when plants just quietly get on with the business of growth and blooming in spite of the weather.

We left yesterday morning intending to walk off some of the additional calories of the last week.  We had planned to go to Glenlivet which is about an hour from here.  Just outside Huntly we decided to change direction because it was snowing fairly persistently.  We decided to go north and beach walk instead.  Whether we were following the weather or it was following us is a mute point, in any event we ended up getting completely soaked in a hail storm and were glad to get back inside our campervan and get the wet gear of before enjoying a good lunch, and heading home to put the log burning stove on.

We also noticed yesterday, that in spite of the weather the collar doves are back in the garden.  So regardless of the weather, the flowers and birds are starting to make plans for the spring and summer.

It’s that time of year when we also start to get enquiries for spring and summer from those looking ahead to better weather, and summer holidays.  So, Happy New Year to all our guests who have visited the Bothy in the last four years.  We look forward to welcoming you back, and also welcoming new visitors who will hopefully get to enjoy all that this great area offers in better weather than yesterday!

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