From Grandparents to Brides

084People come to the Bothy for many reasons – whatever the reason they find a place of peace, quiet, and a cosy cottage to come back to after the adventures of the day.

Many people simply come on holiday, looking to explore the area and finding great beaches, castles and distilleries to visit, and lots to do and see.

As I was thinking about the different visitors that have been in the Bothy I realised what a list of different people we’ve had, which I thought I’d share with you.

  • We’ve had a bride and her bridesmaid – who actually left from the Bothy
  • We’ve had a mother of the bride staying the week leading up to the wedding
  • We’ve had various people working in the area and choosing the relaxation of a cottage at the end of busy days
  • We’ve had people come to the area to continue the research on their family tree
  • We’ve had someone back from Canada to see the village his mother left as a war bride
  • We’ve had people come who have family in the area – but want a place to come back to and rest!
  • We’ve had people come who loved it so much they tried to buy a house in the village
  • We’ve had a write come who simply wanted a peaceful place to write
  • And this week we’ve had expectant grandparents whose little grandchild was born on Thursday

So whatever your need for a cosy cottage, you will always find a warm welcome!  We look forward to welcoming you if you haven’t been and welcoming back our guests who have been and loved it.

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