Leaves everywhere!

What a contrast to my blog last week!  The sun is out but the wind is blowing and has been for most of the day.  And when the wind blows at this time of year, it means a lot of falling leaves!  The golden leaves that covered the big chestnut tree at the end of the drive just a few days ago are now nearly all gone, having fallen into the Bronie Burn.

I bought this toy a few years ago now and every year,  it comes in very handy to help hoover up all the leaves!.  It is great to get outdoors and start the annual task of tidying up the garden and leaves in preparation for winter.  The high temperatures and sunshine have meant that the grass has continued to grow so it will certainly need a final cut.

So for the next few weeks, I will be out in the garden “hoovering” away – it is amazing how many leaves a tree has and as soon as you tidy up, new ones fall to replace them.

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