The Village of Boddam

BoddamWe have been continuing on our coastal tour and this weeks picture was taken when we visited Boddam.  The coastal village is just over 21 miles from the Bothy.

Buchan Ness Lighthouse can be seen in the picture – built in 1827 by an engineer called Robert Stevenson, it stands 40 metres tall and has 166 steps leading to the top.  In 1907, the red band was painted to help passing ships determine their location and for many years a foghorn, which was know locally as the “Boddam Coo” or the “Boddam Bear” was installed, before being finally turned off in 2000.  The lighthouse stands on the most easterly point in Scotland.

During the 18th century, Boddam grew as a fishing town and up until 1831, when the first harbour was constructed to the north of the lighthouse, boats had to be hauled onto shore by hand.

Just to the south of Boddam, you can see the ruins of Boddam Castle.  The castle was built by the Keiths of Ludquharn in the 1500s.  In my blog last week, I talked about the Bullers of Buchan.  If you walk along the coastal path on the sea cliffs, this will take you there!

Today, the village still has an involvement in the fishing industry, particularly for lobster.

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