Kinnaird Head Lighthouse

lighthouseThis weeks blog features a picture of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse which is located in Fraserburgh.  We are continuing up the coast this week and Fraserburgh is only about a 45 minute drive from the Bothy so its not that far away.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse was the first lighthouse to be built by the Northern Lighthouse Board in 1787 and the only lighthouse to be built on top of a fortified castle. When problems with its structure started to appear, Robert Stevenson, engineer to the Northern Lighthouse Board, engineered a foundation, walls and a spiral staircase through the heart of the castle.  The lighthouse was reconstructed inside the castle in 1824 with the original castle structure still managing to be preserved.

In 1991, the lighthouse was decommissioned.  The original lighthouse and engine room are now preserved as they were the day that the last keeper left.  The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses that was built alongside the castle and lighthouse is certainly worth going to and having a wander around.  It tells the great story of the Northern Lighthouse Board, the engineers who built the lights and the keepers who tended them and it also has the largest and best collection of lighthouse lenses and equipment in the UK.  The museum, lighthouse and castle are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm and if you fancy doing a tour, they leave every hour starting at 11am.

If you are in and around the area, it is certainly worth a visit.  You can even enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in Stevenson’s Tea Room and admire the view at the same time!

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