IMG_4893 Rosehearty harbourRoseheartyFor this weeks blog I have added on a few pictures of Rosehearty Harbour.  Rosehearty is a settlement on the Moray Firth and it lies only 4 miles to the west of Fraserburgh.  It was probably first settled by Danish fishermen in the 1300s and the name means Abhartach’s Point in Old Gaelic. It is one of the oldest seaports in Scotland and has been associated with fishing for at least 600 years. At one time it had a fleet that supported 600 people.

It is a popular dive site and you can regularly spot seals and dolphins from the shore and minke whales offshore.  It is home to an abundance of fish including pollack, saith, dogfish, wrasse, flatfish and eels.  In the underwater crevices you may be able to find lobsters, crabs and octopuses.

Pitsligo Castle lies half a mile inland from Rosehearty and the castle dates back to the 15th Century when it was built by the Fraser family.  It is the ancestral home of the Forbes family, who considerably enlarged it after the Fraser’s moved out to Pittulie Castle.  Today, you can still see the remains of both castles.

The distinctive rows of fishermen’s cottages in Fishertown extend around the shoreline from the harbour and must take the full force of the sea when a storm hits!  The New Town lies to the south of Fishertown and was built during the boom years in the 1800s.

Why not visit this lovely little village and see what you can spot?  We certainly will be going back for another visit!

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