PennanThis week, we are in Pennan for the blog.  Pennan is a small former fishing village which lies only 11.5 miles from Fraserburgh.  The village sits at the base of a north facing cliff and looks out to the sea.  There is a small car park at the top of the cliffs before you drive down and this was where this picture was taken. To get to the village, you need to head down a narrow and steep road that brings you out onto a single street at the junction next to the Pennan Inn.  There is a single row of houses and many of them are placed gable end to the sea – a typical characteristic for many houses in this area that sit so close to the sea.

The first harbour in Pennan dates back to 1704 and it lies at the East end of the village. The current structure was built in 1845 but a fierce storm one night in the winter of 1889/1890 destroyed the West pier. A new pier was then built in 1903 and has been further improved in 1909 and 1981.  Although it was primarily a fishing harbour, in its early days it was used regularly by operators of the local quarry.  It once had a fleet of around 40 vessels and employed 300 people so not bad for a small harbour.  Today, only a small handful of creel boats use the harbour.

For those who like films, Pennan became famous in 1983 when parts of the film “Local Hero” were shot here. The film gave Pennan one of the best known red telephone boxes in the world. It sits opposite the Pennan Inn on the quayside. Many people come from afar to see this!

Seals and dolphins also like to frequent the local waters, and boat trips can be arranged to see them more closely.  Like Rosehearty, there is also an abundance of sea birds and wildlife.

It is such a lovely wee village – the lovely white houses with their contrasting colours are really pretty. If you fancy a visit to see the red telephone box or to simply take a walk along the main street or explore the hidden coves then it is certainly worth a visit to Pennan no matter what you decide to do!

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