IMG_6571This is a picture of the charming little fishing village of Crovie.  Crovie comprises of a single row of houses which have been built on an extremely narrow ledge at the bottom of the cliffs which form the east side of Gamrie Bay.  The ledge on which the village is built on is so narrow it only has room for a row of cottages and a narrow footpath in front of them.  As you can see from the picture, the drop to the sea is only a mere few feet away from the cottages!.

Crovie was established by families who had been moved off the land to make room for the landlord’s sheep in the late 18th Century.  Having been moved here off their land, they started operating fishing boats which were owned by the landlord.  By the mid 19th Century some fishermen had built their own boats, and by the end of the century some 50 such owner-operated boats sailed from the tiny harbour.

The fishing industry declined in the 20th Century and finally came to an abrupt end in January of 1953.  On 31st January 1953, an extremely fierce storm that brought hurricane force winds and huge seas washed away the sea defences and a number of houses and structures.  Many of the residents were forced to flee the village.

What makes Crovie unique is that there are no roads in the village! No cars are allowed!  There is an incredibly steep hill leading down to the village and visitors are encouraged to leave their cars at the car park at the top and walk down the steps and path to the harbour.  Because of Crovie’s location and restrictions on development, it is said to be one of the most preserved fishing villages in Europe!

It truly is a beautiful little place!

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