IMG_4931 Gardenstown harbourThis is a view looking down to the harbour in Gardenstown.  Gardenstown is situated just round the coast from Crovie and also looks out across the Gamrie Bay.  It is similar to its neighbouring villages of Crovie and Pennan in the fact that it too is also perched below the cliffs.  The older cottages and buildings are located next to the sea and the newer houses and developments have been built further above the cliffs.  It is the largest of the 3 villages and is another beautiful little village.

Originally know as Gamrie –  it’s historically the name of the parish –  Gardenstown was founded in 1720 by Alexander Garden as a fishing village.  The harbour was then extended in 1868 to accommodate the increasing numbers of fishing boats. By the 1920’s, around 250 fishermen and 50 fishing boats were based here between Crovie and Gardenstown.  As like Crovie and Pennan, these numbers gradually declined and today it is used by small fishing and creel boats and pleasure craft.

At the west end of the town you will find Seatown.  This is the oldest part of Gardenstown and looks and feels a little like Crovie.  From here, you can follow the coastal path to Crovie before returning on the minor roads.  The heart of the village is located around the harbour.

It is definitely worth a visit!  The harbourside heritage is worth going to and there is a tearoom and restaurant where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat.  For those that like exploring, you can walk round the path to Crovie and take in the views out over the bay.

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