IMG_6507This week I have posted a picture of a Sun-Star Starfish which was captured by my son at Macduff Aquarium. Our family were up staying in Banff for a few days in the Easter holidays and as the weather was not too sunny outdoors, they decided to take a visit to the Aquarium in nearby Macduff.  They loved it and my grand-daughters were full of new information and facts that they had learned.  They watched the fish being fed and they were even filling me in on the newest arrival at the Aquarium and that was Holly the octopus! And what is great is that all the sea creatures live in the Moray Firth.

Macduff is situated on Banff Bay and faces the town of Banff across the estuary of the River Deveron. When the harbour was first built in Macduff back in 1760, at the time, the village was know as Doune.  It changed to Macduff in 1783 – the family name of the landowner Lord Fife was Duff.  He spent £5000 extending the harbour and a continued extension throughout the 1800’s meant that fishing was a central part of Macduff.

To get a really good view looking down on the town, you should head up to Doune Church.  The church sits high up on the hill and you can take in the view below and out to the sea. It was built in 1805 and then rebuilt again in 1865.  There is also a small anchor just on the brow of the hill with a small park surrounding it.  Near the church is the octagonal granite war memorial that was built in 1920.

It is certainly worth a visit and the Aquarium is a great place to take the kids.  Why not see what interesting facts you can find about sea life in the local area!

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