Banff 1Continuing with our coastal tour, we are now in Banff and this picture was taken on the beach at Inverboyndie, which is just outside the town.  Like Macduff, Banff is situated on the Banff Bay and it is separated from Macduff by the valley of the River Deveron.  Banff was once a great centre for trade and the town was home to many trades including manufacturers, weavers, soap makers and silver makers.  To see some of their work, including one of the oldest surviving teapots in Scotland, head to Banff Museum, which can be found on the High Street.

The harbour was first built back in 1625 and during the boom times, it would have accommodated up to 90 fishing boats and employed as many as 1200 fishermen.  In 2007, the harbour was converted to a leisure marina and now provides over 70 fully serviced berths.

When you come into the town from the east, you will immediately notice the castle with its quite distinctive yellow façade. You will also notice that the town contains many fine examples of Georgian architecture – these buildings are simply stunning and it is easy to see why so many tourists come to the town.

Within the Deveron Valley, you will find Duff House. Designed and built by William Adam between 1735 and 1740, it is certainly worth a visit. It is believed to be one of Britain’s finest Georgian houses.  It is now home to a permanent collection of art from the National Galleries of Scotland.

The Tourist Information Centre is open throughout the summer months and if you fancy learning more about the history of the town then drop in.  For those who prefer being outdoors and like walking, there are many nice walks in the area.

Whatever you fancy, whether it is admiring the beautiful architecture or simply enjoying the outdoors, head to Banff for a visit!

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