Whitehill 2 Whitehill 1The pictures this week were taken taken at the harbour in Whitehills.  The first one is of the fishing boats berthed at the harbour and the other picture is of the Fishermen’s memorial.  Whitehills lies 2 miles west of Banff and is such a lovely little village full of character.  Like many of the villages along the coast, it was heavily involved in the fishing industry.

The village itself enjoys quite a sheltered spot and as a result of this, the fishing village was firmly established by the 1700’s.  The small harbour was home to 160 fishing boats by the middle of the 19th century.  Like what happened to many other villages, fishing started to decline in the second half of the century and the harbour could not compete with its bigger neighbours.  Because of this, in 1900, the village decided to build a much bigger and better harbour.  When it opened, it was still home to around 100 boats.  The village remained an active fishing port throughout the 1900’s and made its name as the smallest port in Scotland that operated its own vessels and had its own fish market.

In 1999,  the Harbour Commissioners took the decision to build a marina in Whitehills.  The harbour is now a busy leisure port and has moved away from its original dependence on fishing.  Although, as we saw, you can still spot fishing boats in the harbour and the fish market still stands on the harbourside.  The marina offers facilities for visiting sailors and hosts an annual sailing regatta in August.

It is such a beautiful village and if you are in or around the area, even if it is to have a wander round the marina, or a stroll round the village then certainly stop by!

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