Portknockie 1Portknockie 3This week, I have added 2 pictures onto the blog as I couldn’t decide which one I preferred!  My son captured these fantastic shots of Bow Fiddle Rock.  It is a natural sea arch and can be found about 5 minutes from the village of Portknockie.  It is fairly easy to find – the day we visited, we drove through the village and parked the car and then took a walk down the grassy hill towards the cave and the pebble beach.  It is a such beautiful spot and you get superb views of the rock from the beach.

The village of Portknockie lies 2 miles west of Cullen and its history dates back to 1677 when some fisherman decided to move here from Cullen.  They started to work from Portknockie and although it took some time, it eventually quickly grew during the herring boom in the 1800’s.  Towards the end of the 1800’s, as many as 150 fishing boats were based here.

The harbour can be found below the village – unlike many of the fishing villages along the coast, the town lies above the cliffs.  Above the harbour, you will see the oldest part of the village with the lovely little fisher cottages.  The harbour dates back to 1890 when it was built and as recently as 1929, it was still used by up to 58 steam drifters.  Like many other villages, Portknockie was affected by the decline in the fishing industry and only a small handful of boats are still based here.

This is such a beautiful spot on the coast and certainly worth a visit to if you are in the area.

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