A surprise visitor

161006-syd-taylor-and-wifeWe were delighted this week to have the privilege of meeting someone who actually lived in the Bothy from 1943 to 1967.  Syd Taylor who now lives in Brisbane and is visiting family in the area, decided to take a walk up to the Bothy to have a look and fortunately I met them as I was heading round to the garden.

On offering to let them have a look inside the Bothy as we were between guests, Syd was able to tell us loads about the Bothy, how he lived there with two adults and six children – and how he slept in what is now the Bathroom between the bedroom and the sitting room!   We were delighted to see pictures  of the garden and land around the Bothy before our own house was built, and hear of some of his tales.

161006-syd-taylor-and-sistersHere he is sitting outside the Bothy when he lived there, with two of his sisters.

In the visitors book, Syd wrote: “Spent the happiest days of my life here!  (Notwithstanding his happy years of marriage!)

We feel so privileged to have spent this time with Syd and his wife, and hope that if they return to Scotland they will get to spend at least a night where he had such a happy time as a child.

We have had many different visitors to the Bothy over the last six years from all around the globe, some on holiday, some researching family trees, some re-visiting the area they grew up, some seeking peace to write or accommodation for a family wedding, but Syd surely is the only person who will visit who can tell us so much about Bothy life over a 20 year period!


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