Cove Bay

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I decided to have 2 pictures for the blog this week – the lovely view out towards the sea from the cliffs and the beautiful array of colours of the fishing boats.  I love them both!

This week we took off for the day to visit some of the villages and towns along the Coastal Route, heading from Aberdeen down the Coast to Montrose. And we could not have picked a better day for it!  The sun was shining and we had some lovely blue skies.  Our first stop was Cove Bay, which is only about 5 miles outside Aberdeen.  It was simply beautiful.

The village of Cove appeared during the fishing industry and many of the fishing boats berthed on the shingle beach here which is nestled between the rocks. In 1878, the piers and backwater were built and fishing continued until around 1918. Today, only a few boats remain in the harbour.

When you drive down towards the harbour, you will see Cove Bay Hotel.  Take a right at the hotel and follow the road right down and over the bridge.  You can park here and walk down to the harbour and the Bay from here.

It is a beautiful place and certainly well worthy of a visit! Why not take a stroll along the harbour, take in the views and then head on back up the hill to Cove Bay Hotel for a drink and bite to eat!

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