This picture was taken when we stopped at Catterline and this is the view looking over towards the harbour.  This little village is situated on the coast and is only about 4 miles south of Dunnottar Castle.  It was a beautiful day when we stopped to visit and this view did not disappoint!

It is a small village and is well known for its famous pub and seafood restaurant – “The Creel Inn”.  The restaurant sits on top of the cliffs and takes in the view of the harbour and the bay.  Certainly a great view to look out whilst enjoying a bite to eat!

The village of Catterline itself sits on the cliffs that rise from the bay below.  There is a row of beautiful little village cottages that sit on these cliffs.  It is believed that St Ninian landed in the bay at Catterline below these cliffs and that fishing boats have been operating from the village for over a thousand year.

If you head 1 mile to the north you will find the village of Crawton which for a long time was a twin village for Catterline.  In 1810, a pier was built to protect the boats that were based here.  As the villages approached the 1900’s, the boats at Crawton had left for Stonehaven Harbour and the village was abandoned.  St Philip’s Church can be found between the 2 villages.

It is such a charming little village!

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