Kinneff Old Church

We are continuing on our coastal tour and we are now at Kinneff, which is only just over 3 miles from Catterline where my blog was from last week!  I have posted 2 pictures on my blog this week of Kinneff Old Church, which is such a wonderful  little kirk.

The history of the church dates back to 1242 when a church was built here – this original church was a basic rectangular building which had a nave and chancel inside.  After the Reformation back in 1560, the exterior remained the same but the interior seating layout of the church was changed.

In 1640, the Reverend James Grainger was appointed the minister of the church and in 1651, when Cromwell laid siege to Dunnottar Castle, Christian Grainger – Reverend James’ wife – smuggled the Crown Jewels out of the castle and hid them under the floor in the church.  They remained hidden here until 1660, when they were transferred to Edinburgh Castle.

In 1738, the church was rebuilt and there were further alterations to the church over the years.

By 1976, Kinneff Old Church was no longer a worshipping church.  In 1979, Kinneff Old Church Preservation Trust was set up to restore and maintain the Church and what a wonderful job they have done!  The day we visited, we had a lovely walk around and enjoyed looking at all the displays that are inside the church.  It is open everyday and is certainly worth visiting if you are in or near Kinneff.

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