Red Castle, Lunan Bay

This week, we are at the Red Castle at Lunan Bay, which is just about 4 miles outside Montrose.  Lunan is one of my most favourite places to go to when we are down visiting family in Montrose.  It is such a beautiful beach with wonderful sand dunes.  As it was such a lovely day on Monday, we decided to go for a walk to the Red Castle and onto the beach and enjoy a picnic!

To get to Lunan, if you head out of Montrose on the A92 towards Arbroath and you will see signs for Lunan off the A92.  There is a beach car park which is located at the back of the sand dunes and just near to the Lunan Bay Diner.  You can then access the beach by following the boardwalk and then down through the dunes.  Or alternatively, we passed the entrance to the beach and drove further on and found a small parking place at the side of the road opposite the opening to a path which takes you into the woods.  If you follow this path up the hill, it will bring you up to the Castle.

The Castle is steeped in history and dates as far back as the 1100s when it was built for William the Lion (William I).  Some accounts state that it was meant as a defence against Viking attacks.  Not that much remains of the castle today except part of the 15th century rectangular tower and the curtain wall.  Great care should be taken if you visit as what is left is in danger of collapsing.

We had a super morning spent at the beach, admiring the view up to the castle and enjoying the sunshine.  A truly beautiful beach and definitely worthy of a visit!

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