Duthie Park and David Welch Winter Gardens

At the start of the week, we took a tour around Aberdeen, visiting some of the wonderful gardens and parks that the city has to offer.  Our first stop of the day was at Duthie Park.  Located on Polmuir Road, and set within 44 acres, it is close to the city centre and you can take the car or alternatively, you can take the bus.  As it was first thing on a Monday morning, we managed to get parked really easily.

After watching the ducks, we took a stroll around the pond and up onto the hill and headed over towards the Winter Gardens, which is at the other side of the park.  Named after one of the most influential Directors of Parks, the Winter Gardens were named after David Welch.  Many of the flowers here are exotic, including cacti and banana plants – which we spotted! – and it is a wonderful place to go and admire the wonderful flowers and colours in the warmth of the greenhouses.  There is a scented corridor, a Japanese Garden and a Tropical House and not forgetting the Cacti Greenhouse which has some of the biggest cacti I have ever seen!

We wandered through the 1920’s Rock Garden and admired Hygeia Monument before heading back to the car.  We didn’t stop for a coffee this time at the cafe but will most certainly be back!

Duthie is a super park and great for all ages, whether it is a stroll and a look around the gardens, some quiet time admiring the flowers in the Winter Gardens or a play in the park, there is certainly plenty for everyone to do and certainly worthy of a visit!

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