Portsoy – Scottish Traditional Boat Festival

I was having a wee look at some of the Festivals that are taking place over the next few months and noticed that the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival (STBF) is on in Portsoy on the 30th June and 1st July.  This will be the 25th year that the STBF has been running and the weekend sounds to be packed full of great things to do!  These include skiff racing, historic boats, crafts, a superb music programme and some wonderful food and drink!  There is also plenty to do for the younger members of the family including bouncy castles, face painting and story telling.  It certainly sounds like a fantastic weekend jam packed full of activities!

We have visited Portsoy a few times and love the town.  It lies halfway between Banff and Cullen and is potentially one of the oldest natural harbours in Europe. This is a picture of the Old Harbour which is situated at the bottom of the town.  This was originally built back in 1550.  By 1692, Sir Patrick Ogilvie, the 8th Laird of Boyne had replaced the original harbour with a new one which was built entirely of stone.  If you look at the harbour you will see that the large stones are set vertically.  It also has a large breakwater on the seaward side as well as a number of quays.  By placing the stones this way, it was believed that there would be less risk of them being washed away by the sea!.

Why not add the SCBF weekend dates to your diary and take a trip and enjoy the celebrations!  For more information, visit the website to find out more information on prices and programme details.

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