This week, we are in Montrose for our Coastal Tour trip and this is the furthest south that we are heading on this tour.  Montrose is just over 50 miles from Pitmedden and is located just outside Aberdeenshire – it is the northernmost town in Angus.  We will feature Montrose for a few weeks on the blog as there is lots to do in and around the town.

This picture was taken at the weekend when we went to the beach.  It was a truly beautiful day and the sun was shining!  We parked the car up at Seafront Splash – there is plenty of parking spaces up here and a great play park for the children to play on – and we walked down the steps onto the beach.  We headed along towards St Cyrus and enjoyed admiring the view while enjoying the sunshine.  We walked quite a bit along the beach – the dog was loving the chance to get to swim in the sea!

I love having a walk on the beach and even better when you get such a super day for it!  Great to get out and enjoy it and the great outdoors!  Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more ideas on what to do in and around Montrose.

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St Cyrus Beach

This week, we are still in St Cyrus for our Coastal Tour and I have added a few pictures which were taken at the beach.  It is such a beautiful beach and one of my favourites!  These pictures were taken just over a week ago when we had the lovely sunny weather.

I took the car and parked just opposite the Visitor Centre and the dog and I walked over the bridge, up over the dunes and right along the beach.  The sun was shining, there was hardly any wind and it was just great to be able to be out and enjoying it.

Today we don’t have the sunny weather that we had just over a week ago but it doesn’t need to be a sunny dry day for me to head out for a walk!  I love being outdoors, even if it is just for a short walk on a day like today.

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St Cyrus

This week, we are in the beautiful village of St Cyrus which just sits within Aberdeenshire and is about a 34 mile drive south from Aberdeen.  The beach here is just fantastic and one of my favourite beaches – great to take a nice leisurely stroll along while taking in the views and the wildlife.

St Cyrus is home to a National Nature Reserve and this can be found between the village and the North Sea.  The Nature Reserve is full of wonderful wildlife with over 70 species of birds having been recorded here including kestrel, curlew, oystercatcher, yellowhammer and redshank to name just a few.  It is easy to see why it is one of the most popular bird sites within Angus!  The dunes and cliffs also provide an ideal habitat for insects and plants and is proud to have over 300 species of plant.  With so many different types of plants and flowers, this makes it an ideal spot for butterflies, moths and grasshoppers.

Why not take a visit to the village and drop into the Visitor Centre at the Nature Reserve.  To get to the Visitor Centre, head out of the village towards Montrose and just before you cross over the River Esk, you will see a sign for it on your left hand side.  Take this sharp left and drive along the road for about 1.5 miles until you reach the car park and visitor centre.

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We are still in Johnshaven for our blog this week.  Last week, we mentioned a bit about the history of the village and also talked about the annual Fish Festival which takes place on August 5th this year in the village.  This week, our picture is of the beach and looking out to the sea.  We had such a great day when we visited and there were hardly any clouds in the sky!

For those who fancy taking in the views and enjoying the great outdoors, why not get out for a walk!.  The Inverbervie to Johnshaven walk is about 4.75 miles and this starts at Inverbervie, passes through Gourdon Harbour and finishes in Johnshaven where you can get the bus back to Inverbervie.

It is such a great way to take in the sights, sounds and views!  For more information, visit the Walk Highlands website – where you will find lots of details and information about walks in the area.

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This week, we are now in Johnshaven for our Coastal Tour adventures and this is a picture of the harbour.  Situated just off the main A92 coast road heading south from Aberdeen, it lies between Inverbervie and Montrose.  Fishing here dates back to an early date and as far back as 1722, Johnshaven was believed to be amongst the most important fishing towns in Scotland.  Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the industry fell into decline throughout the rest of the 1700’s.

Keen to keep the village thriving, a sailcloth works was established in 1790 and this helped the village recover after the decline of the fishing.

Today, many of the village’s residents are still involved in fishing with crabs and lobsters remaining popular.  The village also holds the annual Fish Festival every summer, where you can taste local delicacies such as Johnshaven lobster, langoustine and Arbroath smokies.

It is such a lovely quaint little village and worth a visit.  Why not tie it in with a visit when the Festival is on – this will be taking place on Saturday 5th August this year.

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Maggie Law Maritime Museum

Hope that everyone had a lovely Easter – we had a busy weekend spent in the garden but we also managed to get out and about and enjoyed a picnic at Haddo House in between the April showers!.

A few weeks ago, Gourdon was featured on my blog and this week, it features again!  This is the Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon and is situated just along past the harbour.  Unfortunately we were in Gourdon on a day when the Museum was closed but we are keen to go back and visit and have a wee look around.  It is open from Thursday – Sunday, 1.00-4.30pm now until September.

The building itself was originally the old coastguard station and apparatus shed but has been transformed into the museum, which is split over 2 levels.  The main focal point is the inshore Maggie Law Life Boat which was built by James Mowatt and named after the daughter of a local fish curer called Tom Law.  The Maggie Law Life Boat was in use in the late 19th and early 20th century and saved many lives here.

Why not take a visit and find out more about the fishing industry and the history of the area.  And if you fancy a bite to eat then pop into the Quayside Restaurant and Fish Bar for a tasty treat!

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our guests and followers on our page. The sun is shining and we are looking forward to another nice day.

Have a lovely day whatever you are planning!

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