A trip to St Cyrus Beach!

We love to go for a walk on a beach and this one is another of our favourites!  This is St Cyrus beach and is just over 30 miles from the Bothy.  We have family who stay not too far away from St Cyrus and we always like trying to take a walk here when we visit.

This is at the north end of the beach near the cliffs and was captured by my son on one of his visits.  St Cyrus is home to a National Nature Reserve and this can be found between the village and the North Sea.  The Nature Reserve is full of wonderful wildlife with over 70 species of birds having been recorded here including kestrel, curlew, oystercatcher, yellowhammer and redshank to name just a few.

There is nothing better than a lovely walk on a beautiful beach and enjoying the sun, listening to the wildlife and watching the waves.  Have a lovely bank holiday weekend whatever you have planned!

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DolphinFest Aberdeen

Today is the start of the first ever Dolphin Festival, organised by the RSPB Scotland, which takes place in Aberdeen.  A celebration of the wildlife and marine life around the area, this certainly sounds like a great few days!  The festival will run until Sunday and will be taking place at 4 locations across the city. There will be a host of great activities taking place, including guided walks, guest speakers, talks, rock pooling, beach cleaning, a science day and a family day at Duthie Park – lots going on and great to get involved in!.  For more information and details then visit the website www.rspb.org.uk/dolphinwatch

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Local Park Run

I thought that I would post something different on the blog this week and opted for some information about our local Park Runs!  If you like to take part in these then there are a few not far from the Bothy to try out.  Our closest one is Ellon but there are also ones in Aberdeen at the Beach and at Hazlehead Park.  For those wishing to venture slightly further away then Crathes and Stonehaven also hold them too.

Parkrun organise a 5km run every Saturday morning and they are free and open to everyone.  A great activity to get involved in and great to try out different  runs especially if you are in the area.  Check out the Parkrun website for more details and information.

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Spring is coming!

As the milder and sunnier spell of weather continues this week, it is all go in the garden!  The crocuses have stopped flowering but it is the turn of the daffodils and tulips as they are now out and in full bloom!  The grass is growing and the birds are singing away – it certainly sounds like spring is on its way!

As the clocks go forward this weekend it will mean the return of the lighter nights.  We can get more done in the garden and start planning what home grown vegetables we are going to plant this year!  The lighter nights also mean that there are more options for getting out for a walk after tea.  We have so many wonderful places to explore and not far from the Bothy.

So for us it will be pottering about in the garden while listening to the birds this weekend – and we will no doubt head out for a walk at some point too!

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Beach Walks

What a lovely spell of weather we have had over the last few days – great to have been able to get out and enjoy the milder temperatures and the sunshine!  Hard to believe that it is still February!

Aberdeen Beach is a great option, especially on the way home when it is getting lighter at night.  There is plenty of parking at the beach – you can either park down towards the River Don and walk back up towards the restaurants and cafes or you can start at Footdee (Fittie), which is the old fishing village at the east end of the harbour and make your way back down to the River Don end.  If the tide is in when you visit then you can walk along the promenade instead of on the beach.  It is a popular spot for bikes, joggers and dog walkers.

I always like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, and nothing beats a walk along a beach somewhere!

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Crocuses in the garden

Our snowdrops and crocuses are out in the garden and it is so nice to see their lovely vibrant colours! With temperatures the last few days up at 12 degrees, it certainly feels like we are moving towards Spring time!  The birds are singing and looking at the forecast for the next week, it looks like our warmer weather is here for a little while longer!  And it is still only February!


As the days continue to stay lighter for longer, it will soon be time to get back out into the garden.  I love pottering about outside and listening to all the birds – hopefully we will manage to do a spot over the next week and take advantage of the warmer temperatures!

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Stonehaven War Memorial

The sun is shining and I am planning on getting out for a walk this afternoon to enjoy the great outdoors and the lovely sunshine!  Not sure yet where I will head today – we are so lucky to have so many wonderful walks and beaches near to us so I do not need to venture too far away!

One of the days when we did venture down the coast was on a trip to Stonehaven.  I love taking a drive down here and this picture is of the War Memorial, which sits on the top of the hill and is just on the outskirts of the town when you head south.

The day we visited, it was a day like today.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the views out towards the sea and down to the harbour were fantastic!  We walked up to the top via the path having left our car in the layby on the coastal road.

The memorial stands on the top of Black Hill and was designed by a local architect named John Ellis.  It was built in 1923, making it one of the later memorials to be built.  Octagonal in shape and almost looking like a ruin, it was built like this for a reason as it signified the ruined lives caused by the conflict.

So, if you are planning on getting out this afternoon, have a great afternoon.  I am looking forward to getting out and enjoying the wonderful country that we live in!

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