Montrose Museum and Art Gallery

We are loving our adventures in Montrose and this week, we are visiting Montrose Museum and Art Gallery.  The Museum was opened in 1842 by Montrose Natural History Antiquarian Society and it was one of the first purpose built Museums in Scotland.  The Museum is designed in a neo classical style and is built of pink sandstone.

Travel through the Museum, exploring the history and art of the town.  It takes you on a journey back to the earliest archaeological finds which include Pictish Stones and Bronze Age Swords.  Learn about the Jacobite uprisings and find out about the harbour.  The staff are very friendly and there is a great collection of artefacts.

Entry is free and it is easy to park on the road round about the Museum.  Open from 10.00-5.00pm Tuesday to Saturday and located just behind the High Street.  It is such a lovely Museum and is definitely worthy of a visit if you are in Montrose – a great way to find out about the history of this lovely town!

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Fairy Woods

We are continuing to explore Montrose and this week we are out on a walk at the Fairy Doors!  This is a lovely short walk which is located in Hillside, Montrose.  Our granddaughters love this walk as they love to try and find all the hidden Fairy Doors in the woods.  When we visited, we took the car and if you head out of Montrose towards Hillside on the A937 and take the first road on the left once you come under the bridge, continue up past the Post Office and keep to the left.  Drive up Main road until you see a playpark on your right hand side – there is a car park just on the right hand side after this that you can park in.

Take a walk across the field and there is an entrance into the woods – you can choose which way to walk round but we tend to head to the right first and do a circuit all the way round.  It is a lovely short walk and great if you have children or grandchildren – spotting the doors is always great fun and a race to see who can see them first!  And at the end, there is always the play park to have a shot on the swings.  If you are in the area and fancy a short walk then certainly head along.

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Seafront Splash

We are still exploring what there is to do in and around Montrose and this week we are at Seafront Splash.  My son captured this beautiful shot on a very still calm morning when the sun was rising.  Seafront Splash is at the beach in Montrose and is a super place to go if you want to take the kids!

It is well signposted and there is plenty of parking spaces at the side and also in front of the beach.  There is a smaller play area for younger children and a larger play area for older children which includes climbing ropes, zip slides, swings and chutes.  It is a great place to take picnics – there are picnic benches just when you come into the park and you can sit and enjoy a bite to eat while the kids play!

There is also a paddling area for the kids to play in when the weather is sunny and you can just see this in the picture.

Why not take a visit and if the tide is out, you could combine a lovely walk along the beach with a play in the park!

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Charleton Farm

This week, we are at Charleton Fruit Farm in Montrose.  Charleton is located just on the outskirts of Montrose – if you head out of Montrose on the Aberdeen road, it is on the left hand side as you head out.  It is a family run business and has been since 1946 having grown considerably throughout the years.  Originally, the main produce was raspberries but you can now get a far greater range of produce including strawberries, asparagus and potatoes.

Picking season is now underway so why not plan a visit and go and pick a large bucket of strawberries!  We have visited the farm a few times when we have been down visiting family.  It is such a great place to take the children – you can pick your fruit, followed by a bite to eat, a look around the gift shop and then enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while the children play in the super park!

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Scurdie Ness Lighthouse

This week, we are still in Montrose for the blog and this is a picture that my son captured of Scurdie Ness Lighthouse.  Built by David Stevenson and Thomas Stevenson, it was first lit on Tuesday 1st March 1870.  During World War II, the lighthouse was temporarily painted black so that it was not as visible to the enemy and the light was not illuminated unless the Royal Navy asked.

Today, the lighthouse is operated automatically and has been since 1987.  There is a lovely walk out to Scurdie Ness, which we have done several times.  By car, follow the signs to Ferryden and as you come into the village, there is a small car park on the right hand side.  Walk up the few steps to the road and continue on the road until you reach the lighthouse.  It is a lovely walk and if you are lucky, you may be able to spot some dolphins and seals.

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This week, we are in Montrose for our Coastal Tour trip and this is the furthest south that we are heading on this tour.  Montrose is just over 50 miles from Pitmedden and is located just outside Aberdeenshire – it is the northernmost town in Angus.  We will feature Montrose for a few weeks on the blog as there is lots to do in and around the town.

This picture was taken at the weekend when we went to the beach.  It was a truly beautiful day and the sun was shining!  We parked the car up at Seafront Splash – there is plenty of parking spaces up here and a great play park for the children to play on – and we walked down the steps onto the beach.  We headed along towards St Cyrus and enjoyed admiring the view while enjoying the sunshine.  We walked quite a bit along the beach – the dog was loving the chance to get to swim in the sea!

I love having a walk on the beach and even better when you get such a super day for it!  Great to get out and enjoy it and the great outdoors!  Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more ideas on what to do in and around Montrose.

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St Cyrus Beach

This week, we are still in St Cyrus for our Coastal Tour and I have added a few pictures which were taken at the beach.  It is such a beautiful beach and one of my favourites!  These pictures were taken just over a week ago when we had the lovely sunny weather.

I took the car and parked just opposite the Visitor Centre and the dog and I walked over the bridge, up over the dunes and right along the beach.  The sun was shining, there was hardly any wind and it was just great to be able to be out and enjoying it.

Today we don’t have the sunny weather that we had just over a week ago but it doesn’t need to be a sunny dry day for me to head out for a walk!  I love being outdoors, even if it is just for a short walk on a day like today.

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