Inverboyndie Beach

This week, we are in Banff, which is just over 30 miles from the Bothy.  This picture was taken on Inverboyndie beach, which is just on the outskirts of town.  It is a wonderful beach and one of our favourites – there is a lovely caravan park which we love coming to for a few nights with the van and I have had a few nights here with my grandchildren!

Banff is situated on the Banff Bay and it is separated from Macduff by the valley of the River Deveron.  Within the Deveron Valley, you will find Duff House. Designed and built by William Adam between 1735 and 1740, it is certainly worth a visit. It is believed to be one of Britain’s finest Georgian houses.  It is now home to a permanent collection of art from the National Galleries of Scotland.

There is so much to do in and around Banff – why not take a coastal walk and explore the area or just enjoy the beautiful beaches and see if you can catch a glimpse of the wildlife.  If you fancy seeing some of the harbours along the coast then there is also the Harbour Trail which you can do.

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This week, we took a trip to Catterline for a bite to eat at the Creel Inn and what a great day we had out!  It was a “special birthday” in the family and this was a perfect location to meet half way!  The Creel Inn is a restaurant which sits on top of the cliffs and from your table, you can see views out towards the sea.  It was very wet and windy the day we visited so no blue sky views for us!  But we did see the waves crashing in against the rocks so it was just as fascinating to watch!

I unfortunately did not manage to get a good picture this week when we visited so have used one which we captured the last time we were there.  This is the view looking down towards the beach and the harbour.  The village itself sits on the cliffs that rise up from the bay below.

We had such a beautiful lunch and would recommend this little gem of a place!  Fantastic food, great service and warm welcome and a lovely fire in the bar area!  Certainly worthy of a visit if you are in the area and fancy a bite to eat or just want to have a nice relaxed drink.  We will definitely return!

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This week we are at Sandend for our tour of the many wonderful beaches along the East Coast.  The pretty little village is about 40 miles from the Bothy and lies between Cullen and Portsoy.  We have visited Sandend before but like many other villages, we just love returning!  The village dates back to the 1600’s and it was one of the first fishing communities in the area.  The oldest part of the village is down at the harbour.  A local landowner built the harbour back in 1830 and many of the cottages dates back to then!

Around the harbour you can see the fisher cottages, which like many cottages situated along the coast, sit with their gable end facing towards the sea.  Theses are lovely little cottages.

The lovely sandy beach is just on the right hand side of the picture and the beach is a popular hot spot for surfers!  We managed to spot a few catching some waves the day we went – it is such a great spot as the waves were fantastic!

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St Combs

This week, we are at the lovely little fishing village of St Combs which is on the coast just near Fraserburgh.  We have been to St Combs before but the beach is just lovely and worthy of a return visit!  The village is named after a church to St Colm or Columba that used to exist in the area back in the 17th Century.

We had a lovely day when we went, sunny but a bit chilly.  But it doesn’t take long to warm up when you head out for a walk.  There is a lovely walk which follows the coast along the beach or the sand dunes and takes you to the outflow of Loch of Strathbeg.  It then takes you back inland between the dunes and farmland.  It is great to admire the scenery and the beautiful sand dunes.  Watch out for all the different birds – this is a haven for them!

So why not get out and enjoy the great outdoors and the wonderful country that we live in!

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Waters of Philorth

We are continuing on our tour of the wonderful beaches that we have here in the North East of Scotland and today, our blog comes from the Waters of Philorth.  This is a designated Local Nature Reserve that lies 2 miles south east of Fraserburgh town centre. The Waters of Philorth are named after the nature reserve that runs along the back of the beach.   There is also an extensive dune system that extends across Fraserburgh Bay.  A variety of habitats can be found here and a variety of wildlife including wildfowl and seabirds are attracted to this area.

The beach itself is popular for windsurfing, surfing or for just having a stroll along.  It has car parking facilities and a cafe and if you walk over the dunes and right along the beach, you will reach Fraserburgh town centre.

The weather the last few weekends has been great for a big long walk.  It has been cold but the sun has been out and we have had some wonderful blue sky days!  Every day I notice it getting a bit lighter for longer and I look towards the longer days when we can get out and visit these great beaches during the week!

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Following on from our visit to Balmedie Beach and Cruden Bay in the last few weeks on the blog, another fantastic place to visit is Forvie.  The Nature Reserve at Forvie is on the Ythan Estuary and is about 10 miles from the Bothy.  It is one of the largest sand dune systems in the UK and is a super place to get out and admire the scenery and wildlife while blowing away the cobwebs!

There are 2 main entrances to Forvie – one is 1 mile north of Newburgh and the other one is 3 miles north of Newburgh.  There are lots of laybys off the road (A975) which you can also stop at.  We regularly visit, taking in a walk no matter what the weather!

This week I spotted the snowdrops out when I was out walking and am already looking forward to the warmer days of Spring time!  Thousands of eider ducks make their nests and the terns arrive here at Forvie in Spring.  We are not quite at that time of year yet but nevertheless, it is still great to get the boots on, head out for a walk and see what wildlife you can spot!

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Cruden Bay

This week we are visiting the wonderful Cruden Bay.  Located just about 18 miles from the Bothy, it is another fantastic beach to take a wander along and as it is out just beyond Forvie Nature Reserve, you can manage to easily visit both on the same day.

When you come to visit Cruden Bay, one of the things that you will see is St James’s Church which sits on Chapel Hill.  A beautiful building with a striking spire which was built back in 1842.  This was not the only Chapel which was built here as back in 1012, when the battle between the Danes and the Scots took place, a chapel was built here to mark the site.

You will also see Slains Castle which dates back to 1597 and built by the Earl of Erroll.  The harbour, Port Erroll, was also built by the Earl too and you get some super views along the pink sands and dunes of the Bay from here.

To get to the beach, you need to cross over the water via the wooden bridge – “White Lady’s Bridge”.  We managed to get parked not too far away from the bridge when we visited.  We took a wander along and down onto the beach and had a lovely walk.  It is a great area for wildlife so I always like to keep an eye out!  Great to get out and nice to get back to the van for a hot drink and something to eat!

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