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Snow showers to sunshine!

 It has been a while since I have added on two pictures to the Bothy blog but I felt that this week was the perfect opportunity to do so. These pictures were taken just this week and within a few … Continue reading

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The Colour of the Crocus Flowers

This picture was taken in the front garden this week.  It is full of such an abundance of colour at the moment!  The borders are full of these beautiful and fun little flowers.  Apparently the crocus represents cheerfulness and it is … Continue reading

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Fields of Gold

It is the time of year when the farmers are busy harvesting their fields of barley.  I love to watch the barley swaying in the wind when it turns to this beautiful golden colour, even more so when the sun … Continue reading

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Unbelievable but true!

I normally put a single photo in the Bothy blog pieces – but today merits two!  When I took Scamp out this morning I decided to take my camera too. It’s amazing that our Bothy guests wakened up this morning … Continue reading

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Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour One of the great things about the Bothy Garden is that no matter what time of year there is something on show.  The collection of autumn flowering heather is looking good today. It’s such a contrast to the … Continue reading

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Garden contrasts

This week we’ve been enjoying the autumn colours in the trees, especially the horse chestnut across the road which is aflame with colour.  In contrast to the organges and yellows in the trees, as I was walking round the garden … Continue reading

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