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Is Spring in the air?

The crocuses and snowdrops are now out and it is great to see a splash of colour in the garden.  I always feel like spring time is just around the corner when we they flower and just this week we … Continue reading

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Crocuses in the garden

Our snowdrops and crocuses are out in the garden and it is so nice to see their lovely vibrant colours! With temperatures the last few days up at 12 degrees, it certainly feels like we are moving towards Spring time!  … Continue reading

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Snowdrops are out!

The Snowdrops are out!  It is hard to believe that these lovely little flowers are flowering already!  These beautiful little plants flower between January and April and are one of the first to appear while the ground is still covered … Continue reading

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There are breaks… and there are breaks

The snowdrops are back in spite of all the wind and rain, reminding us all that nature is heading for spring. There’s been a break in the Bothy Blog over the last few weeks because I managed to fracture my … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

I wonder what signs you look for that spring is round the corner.  Perhaps it’s the early flowers – snowdrops and crocuses.  I saw an early sign at the start of the week when I went round the corner of … Continue reading

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Light in the Darkness

I love this picture taken of some bright winter aconite with a dark background of dead and decomposing leaves.  The winter is behind (we hope) and the spring is round the corner.  This week has been seasonally warm and the … Continue reading

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Snowdrops in the woods

Snowdrops in the wood I’ve been watching out for the first snowdrops for a few weeks and saw them last week.  They are quite plentiful under the trees on the other side of the Bronie Burn. It always surprises me … Continue reading

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